Il Benessere a 360°

Based on the experience we have gained in the many years spent working with herb specialists and pharmacists and from continuously monitoring consumer needs, from the heart of Trentino came the Aessere brand to propose the Baobab line with a vast range of products: oral supplements, topical application oils and more. Its success over time led Aessere to invest again in the research in fruit and plant products capable of giving immediate benefits without any kind of sophistication. Hence the ‘Superfrutti’ line, a natural extension of what came before, adding to the Baobab-based products those with Tibetan Goji berries, Green Coffee, Chia seeds and Wild Brown Millet. In the same period, through the acquisition of the Stur Dee line, we set out to propose more complex products aimed at meeting the needs of the more evolved consumer requiring natural but effective wellness. The latest studies conducted in the field of essential oils has pointed out the possibility of innovation in the environmental fragrancing sector. With this in mind, Aessere has researched the best essential oils and has matched them with next generation ultrasound diffusers that do not compromise the power of the oils used in any way. The resulting line is called Ultressentia that proposes 18 extraordinary essential oils along with a continuously renovated range of innovative and trendy ultrasound diffusers. In the last 12 months, the Aessere Research & Development division has developed two product lines that offer in an innovative, modern and attractive way that ‘plus’ that has always characterised Aessere products: Argento Colloidale Plus and Zeolite Plus. The heart and soul of Aessere have always placed the individual at the centre of its research, with the ultimate aim of enhancing that broad-spectrum wellness aspect that has always been our company’s ruling passion.

Immagine Aessere Benessere a 360 gradi


“To bring to the organic market products that are “simple” and of scientifically proven quality, turning this straight-forward concept into our Plus. The earliest expression of this concept was the creation of the Baobab – the Friendly Giant – line that features only naturally dehydrated organic fruit pulp coming from spontaneous fruits and without the addition of any other component. The same philosophy drives the Ultraessentia, Superfrutti and Stur-Dee lines for which an ethical marketing structure is implemented, keeping communication aspects down to a minimum (so as not to weigh the final product down with costs extraneous to the product itself or boast pompous claims, such as “10 active ingredients for 100 solutions…”) while enhancing those pertaining to the product (top quality raw materials) and to the formulation”.


“From a place of uncontaminated nature such as Trentino and the many years spent working with herbalist shops, pharmacies and drug stores, Aessere is born with the desire to provide the entire wellness and healing market with top-quality products that are also ‘simple’. Hence the flowing into each line product of all of the experience gained from working with sector operators and from listening to final consumer needs. This has resulted in genuine, unique products featuring select active ingredients that transfer their benefits in the most natural and effective manner possible”.


“Invest even more in research to find what Nature can give us and thus transmit to the consumer greater awareness about alternative therapies using effective and ‘clean’ products that do not follow fleeting fashions and trends”.

Approach and technical/scientific divulgation

“The methodological approach that Aessere has always boasted consists in flanking our sales network with a team of medical experts. This is because we are firmly convinced that this is the best way to pursue our objective of spreading greater awareness of psycho-physical well-being among sector operators and, ultimately, among final consumers”.