Baobab the Good Giant - Can 150 gr BIO


Biologico certificato, naturale, senza conservanti. 150 gr. di Polpa BIO in barattolo di latta riutilizzabile.


Baobab The Good Giant
Certified organic, natural, without preservatives.
150 gr. of Organic Pulp in reusable tin can.

Food supplement with multiple beneficial properties; the flesh of the Baobab fruit has a high fiber and vitamin C content. Supports in case of fatigue; facilitates the absorption of minerals (calcium and iron); regulates the intestine.

Those who know him well call the Baobab “Tree of life”. Each tree can be compared to an outdoor pharmacy. The Baobab in fact has always been known and used for its many properties, from the fruit to the root. The pulp in particular is rich in beneficial components.

100 grams of pulp contain about 250/300 mg of vitamin C, quantities higher than those contained in oranges and kiwis. A tablespoon of pulp provides for the daily requirement.

The wealth of calcium makes Baobab pulp a substitute source of milk for intolerant people and a valuable help for the elderly.

The intake of this fruit can be a valid support in cases of anemia and pregnancy. The Baobab fruit is naturally rich in bioavailable iron, which our body easily assimilates.

They are divided into soluble and insoluble, both present in the pulp (make up for 50%!). They are essential for normalizing intestinal functions, both in the case of constipation and excessive evacuation. Very useful in low-calorie diets because they promote a sense of satiety.

It contributes to the contribution of essential minerals and amino acids and is therefore a valid aid for sportsmen.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pulp of the Baobab fruit (Adansonia Digitata). Naturally soluble.

METHOD OF USE: take one or two times a day the pulp dissolved in fruit juice, tea, soy milk, rice or other.

A product line that can meet different needs.

SPORTS: Use chewable tablets, comfortable and ready to take, bring minerals and help to counteract the sense of fatigue.
THE MOTHER: Extremely rich in bioavailable iron, vitamin C and fibers, it is a fantastic ally in preventing small problems related to pregnancy.
THE STUDENT: Always running! To get the right charge before an exam and after the fabulous party last night takes a bag of Baobab Aessere 100% pure.
OVER 50: The richness of calcium and minerals of this fruit are a panacea even for those over 50!
THE BAOBAB IS A REAL TALENT ALSO WITH CHILDREN: delicious and very rich in vitamin C, it will help to protect it from seasonal illness.